At Houston Home Relief Group, we are experts in buying fire damaged houses fast.

We have been buying houses in all conditions for over 10 years. If you recently had a fire in your property, we understand what you may be experiencing. Fires cause a mess and this does not even count the water used by the fire department to put out the blaze. We try to make the process simple and easy to sell your house fast.

We are cash buyers who purchase houses that have been ruined by fire damage. We pay cash to purchase these homes from their owners. In doing so, we’re home buyers who help the owners get out of their “ugly” housing situation so they can finally move onto a new life, and we dramatically improve neighborhoods throughout the process.

The Houston Home Relief Group is available at a moments notice to help with your fire damaged home. We understand the importance of a quick response time when something so devastating has occured. You can relax and let us take care of the paperwork and process. You can just focus on a quick offer and solution to your situation.

Houston Home Relief Group provides consistent support to our clients. You will have assistance from our team every step of the way. It can be overwhelming to try and get things sorted after a house fire...and we understand that. We have helped hundreds of Houstonians get their life back on track after their residence was destroyed or damaged in a fire. We can help you too.

It’s our job to buy fire damaged homes. We aren’t scared of buying a house with fire damage. We do our best to improve neighborhoods by renovating every single house that we buy and we know this business very well. As cash buyers, we have the capital to make you an offer quickly. If you have a house with fire damage, it could take you months, even years to fix it up and make it livable again. Instead of waiting you can sell us your house and move on to a new home.

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We are cash buyers who purchase houses that have been ruined by fire damage.
We have helped thousands of house owners in Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Beware of imitators, scams artists, illegitimate companies who advertise "We Buy Houses".

Always research any home buyer you choose to work with and be sure you contact http://hhreliefgroup.com directly to ensure you are working with an official, local, licensed dealer.

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