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Relief Group Fast Contracts

We can complete the contract within the week with a settlement data to suit. Any condition, anywhere in Houston.

Relief Group No Commissions or Fees

We work as private buyer, which means there is no commission or fees to be taken from the offered settlement amount.

Relief Group Move When you are Ready

We are more then happy for you to stay in your property until you have found suitable and alternative accommodation. We're here to help.

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Relief Group

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More Than 1000 Trusted Customers

We are cash buyers who purchase houses that have been ruined by fire or flood damage.
We have helped thousands of house owners in Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Why Choose Us

At Houston Home Relief Group, we are experts in buying fire and flood damaged houses fast. We have been buying houses in all conditions for over 10 years. If you recently had a fire in your property, or suffered flood damage, we understand what you may be experiencing. Floods and fires cause a mess and this does not even count the water used by the fire department to put out the blaze. We try to make the process simple and easy to sell your house fast.

Do You Have A Fire or Flood Damaged House and:

  • 1.Are unsure of how to go about repairing it?
  • 2.Want to avoid spending the thousands of dollars to fix it?
  • 3.Worry about fixing the house correctly up to inspector standards?
  • 4.Want to collect your check and let someone else deal with the property?
  • 5.If you have a property to sell, we can make you a fair cash offer and close on it on the day of your choosing.

Plenty of reasons to choose us

We Pay Cash on the spot

We are Easily Accessible

We are Always Available for support

We Buy the Remains in any condition


* No matter what the condition of your house is.
We will give you an offer you can't deny

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deposit is paid.

Funds are transferred
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Move on with your
life and enjoy it in
your new home!!!

See What our trusted Customers have to say about us

" I recommended my parents this great company after their home caught on fire due to an electric fault. They exceeded their services by not not only helping my parents financially, but taking great care of them while I was away in another state. I knew my parents couldn't take care of much due to their poor health and physical conditions, so by that mean the whole team put up a temporary fence around our property to prevent vandalism and theft. Doing whatever is necessary to minimize damage to their home, including covering windows, doors, and other openings. I thank Houston Home Relief Group for being their for my family when I couldn't. Thank you so much!! Leslie E.

Houston Home Relief Group