Pre Forclusure

Consultation to Stop Foreclosure

Pre-foreclosure is a critical period for homeowners. During this time, the property is in the process of being foreclosed on, but you still legally own the home. You may have received phone calls from the lender or missed payment notices in the mail, but the bank has not delivered an official foreclosure notice yet.


How To Stop The Sale Of Your Home

If the bank is attempting to foreclose on your home, there are a number of legal ways to postpone or stop the sale altogether. For example, you can apply for a loan modification, initiate a short sale or file for bankruptcy to stay in your home and prevent the foreclosure process from progressing.


We Take Over Mortgage Payments - Even If You Have No Equity

The Houston Home Relief Group specializes in taking over mortgages on houses in Houston that people can no longer afford or can't sell because they have no equity. The assignment of mortgage payment sales are the best way to sell your property FAST when the property has either little or no equity.

It is Possible to stop foreclosure on your house

Our team is a group of highly educated real estate professionals who have proven techniques to helping homeowners in Houston stop foreclosure on houses. Get the peace of mind you deserve by educating yourself on your options. We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation that will empower you to make an educated choice that is right for you and your family – getting us involved before the foreclosure action is the key.

Complete Evaluation of Your Situation

A complete evaluation of your individual situation will be conducted, including an analysis of the following information:

  • 1. Details regarding your mortgage and/or foreclosure proceeding
  • 2. Correspondence from your mortgage servicer/lender
  • 3. Details surrounding the application and original terms of your existing mortgage
  • 4. Payment history of your existing mortgage
  • 5. Financial analysis of your personal assets, liabilities, and net worth
  • 6. Financial analysis regarding your monthly income, expenses, and cash flow
  • 7. Evaluation of the realizable net value of your home
  • 8. Consideration of the identity of your mortgage servicer/lender
  • 9. Credit history data
  • 10.  Other relevant information that will assist us in building your case

Foreclosure Solutions

Following are some of the options which you can employ as foreclosure solutions.

  • 1. Mediation
  • 2. Loan Modification
  • 3. Reinstatement
  • 4. Repayment Plan
  • 5. Short Sale
  • 6. Deed in Lieu
  • 7. FHA Partial Claim
  • 8. Loan Refinance
  • 9. Pre-Foreclosure Sale
  • 10.  Forbearance
However, it's important to note that these are complex strategies that must be performed precisely to ensure that your actions are legal and in your best interest.

As such, it's important to work with a foreclosure defense attorney who is experienced in foreclosure and lending matters, and can make sure you're acting lawfully while also protecting your rights.

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