Fire Damage Contractors

Fire damage contractors

We are Houston’s number one fire damage contractors for a reason

When a home is damaged or destroyed in a fire it represents a devastating loss. It is unfathomable for most people to imagine the extent of the heartbreak and the threat to your family’s feelings of security.

For a business, a fire can bring operations to an abrupt halt, wreaking havoc on your livelihood and presenting far-reaching implications for employees and customers alike.

Houston’s fastest fire emergency response

An effective emergency response and recovery must begin as quickly as possible after the fire. Fire damage contractors must work quickly to stabilize the building, ensuring that recovery efforts are as successful as they can possibly be.

Damage control begins immediately after a fire

The soot, smoke, and ash that are produced as the fire is extinguished are highly acidic. Left for too long, this can accelerate the deterioration of the building and its contents. Firefighting efforts can also be severely damaging, with huge volumes of water and flame-retardant chemicals to contend with. Finally, the lingering odor of the smoke that is left behind needs to be neutralized.

Specialized fire damage expertise

All of these efforts require a specialized expertise combined and a strong sense of urgency to ensure an effective cleanup and recovery. This process begins as quickly as possible after the event, with damage mitigation, remediation, and restoration from water and smoke damage.

When assessing the fire damage of your Houston home, we go beyond what is visible, evaluating the structural damage of the building and determining the best course of action based on a range of criteria. Based on this evaluation, we will be able to tell you what it will cost to restore your home and whether it is more worthwhile for you to sell and move on.

Houston Fire Department Support Services

In the event of a fire, we are often called in to assist with fire damage assessment once the fire is extinguished.

Some of the support services we provide include:

  •  Emergency boarding-up and containment
  •  Securing the scene from further damage
  •  Assist arson investigators
  •  Clear pathways and remove debris
  •  Emergency lighting and power

The best thing you can do following a fire is to call a fire damage contractor right away. Our expertise and experience in handling all aspects of fire damage remediation and cleanup will give you clear options to consider. Throughout the process, our caring technicians will be there to help you make those tough decisions.

Is your fire-damaged home beyond repair? We can help!

If your Houston home has suffered loss as the result of a devastating fire, we can help. Though your home may hold a great deal of sentimental value to you and your loved ones, a fire may do so much damage that it may be a better idea to sell.

Some of the reasons you might decide to sell include:

  •  The cost of restoration is above and beyond your insurance coverage
  •  The fire damage has long-term implications on the structure of your home
  •  The cost does not support the value when it’s all said and done
  •  To gain some closure and move on from a highly traumatic event

If your home is damaged beyond repair and we determine that it cannot be restored Houston Home Relief Group provides fast and easy solutions that will help you move on with your life and put the heartbreak behind you.

In addition to providing full fire restoration services, we will give you the option for us to purchase your home outright, no matter what condition it is in. We offer a fast and easy transaction process and do not charge commissions or fees so that you can move on to what’s next.

Houston fire damage contractors: our process

We do our best to make the process fast and painless:

  • 1.  We meet with you at the fire location to inspect the damage
  • 2.  You will be advised of all of your options
  • 3.  If you choose to restore, we begin work immediately
  • 4.  If you should choose to sell, we present you with an offer
  • 5.  Upon agreement, we move forward with the sale

If your home or business has been damaged in a fire, time is of the essence

Call Houston Home Relief

Right away and let us help you get your life back on track