Reasons to Sell

Selling vs restoring damaged house

Choose selling over Restoration
Are you considering selling your fire damaged home?

We know this can be a very emotional and heartbreaking decision moment for you, because you may have lived in your home for many years, you may have raised your children in your home, or spend a great time of care and finances to beautify your home and the thought of leaving the many great memories you have in your home can be extremely difficult.

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years of experience

We have years of experience in dealing with people in a fire damaged home situation and know the this can be a very sensitive time and we never want to cross the line of comfort for our clients, so we will never pressure you to sell, however we would like to highlight some scenarios of why countless clients have chosen to sell their homes to us.




  • 1The amount of the time. The restoration for a home that has substantial smoke and fire damage can be a very long process and can take several months to complete.
  • 2 Health & Safety Concerns. A smoke and fire damaged home can expose you, your family and pets to potentially hazardous materials.
  • 3 Unpleasant Odors. In a smoke and fire damage situation, individuals who were in the house during a fire will detect smoke odors even after the restoration is complete. And this could be due to the fact that they have a keen sense or subconsciously reliving the time spent in their home during the fire. These “odors” are referred to psychological odors or heightened awareness odors.
  • 4 Inconvenience. Living in a home that needs to be restored after a fire can be very difficult. Your home will turn into a construction zone and could cause you to lose your privacy and comfort.
  • 5 Insurance Settlement. Some of our clients have chosen not to use their insurance settlement proceeds to restore their homes, but instead decided to pay off their loan balance and sell their homes and we have seen many cases where people pay cash for a new home. Do the math construction settlement + a content settlement + inconvenience settlement and + the cash you get from us buying your home, the cash can add up fast much to your benefit.
  • 6 Emotional Loss. In a smoke and fire damaged home situation their can be a great deal of loss and the psychological pressure and burden of living in home where you have lost many sentimental and material belongings of great value can be emotionally overwhelming.
  • 7 Fresh Start. If you feel like you lost everything or just don’t want to hassle with city inspectors, contractors, insurance adjusters and so need a fresh start, we are the perfect solution.